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Alumni Weekend 2023

Alumni Weekend 2023

Schedule of Events

50th Reunion Shuttle Tour and Hill College House Mixer

Franklin Fest: All-Alumni Party

Class of 1983 40th Reunion Party

Class of 1988 35th Reunion Party

The Class of 1998 25th Reunion Party

30th Reunion Kick-Off Mega Blow Out Cocktail Party

Class of 1993 Late Night Party

America Today: Two of America’s Top Pollsters Dissect How We Got to this Place

Class of 2013 Group Fitness Session

University Update with President Liz Magill

Parade of Classes

Alumni Day Picnic

Class of 2022 1st Reunion Happy Hour

30th Reunion Bash - The Main Event

Class of 2013 10th Reunion Party

Class of 2018 5th Reunion Party

All-Alumni Brunch & Memorial

267th Commencement