Alumni Weekend 2021

Alumni Weekend 2021

Who's coming as of August 3, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Sami Abbasi C86 1986
Bruce Altman M86 1986
Nancy (Skiest) Andrews C86 1986
Alex (86) Au ENG86 W86 1986
David Blatte W86 1986
Mary Beth Currie GED86 GED06 1986
Alvin Darby W86 1986
Andrew Dermack W86 1986
Barbara Doyle NU86 GNU94 GNC96 WEV09 1986
Fermin Fautsch WG86 1986
Marcy (Greenberg) Fischer W86 1986
Stephenie Foster L86 1986
Jean Freedman W86 1986
Craig Frischling C86 W86 1986 Janet Weiss
George Graffy W86 1986
Gilbert Herzberg C86 1986 Martha Steinman
Rafael Janer W86 1986
Margaret Latshaw WG86 1986
Jane (Seim) Martinez NU86 1986
Michael McGarry C86 1986
Paul Miller C86 1986
Louis Morledge C86 1986 Alexis Morledge
Marjorie Nass C86 1986
Guy (Nghe) Nee C86 1986
Desiree Ng C86 1986
Susan (Ayanian) Pereles NU86 1986 Daniel Pereles
David Robinov ENG86 W86 1986
Dodi Rubenstein W86 1986
Daniel Rutman C86 1986
Jeffrey Scheck W86 1986
Sandra (Dirkes) Scutt W86 1986
Martha Steinman C86 1986 Gilbert Herzberg
Hope (Schefler) Taitz C86 1986
Laurie Weingarten W86 1986
Janet Weiss C86 L89 1986 Craig Frischling
Mark Weitz ENG86 1986

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.