Alumni Weekend 2021

Alumni Weekend 2021

Who's coming as of September 25, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Kwasi Asare C01 2001
Alison (LeMasters) Barad W01 2001 Jonathan Barad
Jonathan Barad ENG01 2001 Alison (LeMasters) Barad
Tori (Katz) Bender C01 2001
Stephanie (Foster) Berez C01 2001
Alexandria Bergan C01 2001
Brad Berman L01 2001
Michael Bland C01 2001
Alicia Blum-Ross C01 2001
Kathleen (Brewer) Brewer-Smyth GNU85 GR01 2001
Andre Chalonec W01 2001
Andrea (Morton) Crompton C01 2001
Heather (Crawford) Darling W00 2001
Willie Dong ENG01 GEE01 2001
Timo (Dubynin) Dubynin-Moore WEV01 2001
Annie Farmer C01 2001
Tiffany (Binder) Fehrenbach WG01 2001 Frank Fehrenbach
Adam Fey W01 2001
Abigail Friedman NU01 2001
Yuri Geldzweig G01 WG01 2001
Cassandra Georges C01 L05 2001
Tarek Jallad C01 2001
Tania Johnson C01 G02 2001
David Kaiyalethe W01 2001
Krista (Pohl) Keene ENG01 2001 Keith Keene
Rich (Kinderman) Kinderman W01 2001
Karen Lai W01 2001 Bernard Tan
Teresa Lee ENG01 W01 2001
Ding Li GEN01 GEN04 2001
Jessica (Trilling) Lifshitz L01 2001
Marco Lukesch C01 W01 2001
Manisha (Dansanghani) Manglani C01 2001 Pravin Manglani
Pravin Manglani ENG01 W01 2001 Manisha (Dansanghani) Manglani
Eric Moskowitz C01 2001
Joseph Nagy C01 W01 2001
Rebecca Nicholls WG01 2001 Alexander Skrzynski, Daniel Skrzynski
Adrian Pasricha C01 W01 G07 WG07 2001
Ruhul Quddus WG01 2001 Sarbari Biswas
Nina Rubin C01 2001
Jacqueline (Hendrick-Singh) Singh GR01 2001
Alexander Skrzynski WG01 2001 Daniel Skrzynski, Rebecca Nicholls
Ian Stone C01 2001
Anthony Tse C01 W01 2001
Raymond Valerio C01 2001
Tanya Welch W01 2001
Kathryn Willson C01 2001
Kamille Wolff L01 2001
Lauren (Patrizio) Xaba W01 2001
Catherine Zimmerman C01 SW03 CGS06 2001

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