Homecoming 2020

Homecoming 2020

Who's coming as of March 04, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Jeffrey Adler W84 1984
Glen Berger C84 1984
Janice Butler C84 1984
Ronald Dirienzi W84 1984 Kate Dirienzi, Michele Dillon, Nolan Dirienzi, Christopher Dirienzi
Simon Glinsky W84 1984
Sharon Greenstein NU84 1984
Jerold Hoffman C84 1984 Daniel Hoffman
Solomon Israel EE84 1984 Nancy Israel
Karen James C84 1984
Joanne (Klinghoffer) Klein C84 CGS00 1984
Marla (Leen) Leen-Ravin C84 1984
Jacqueline Lutz EE84 WG92 1984
Andrew Margolis C84 L87 1984
Matthew Mitzen W84 1984
Eric Morgenstern C84 1984
Elizabeth (Frederick) Peldunas C84 1984
Anne (Levy) Pugh 1984
Cynthia (Hall) Steffens C84 G89 1984 Richard Steffens
Cindy Sterling C84 GED85 1984
Brian Weinberg C84 W84 1984

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.