Homecoming 2020

Homecoming 2020

Who's coming as of March 04, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
John Alexander C87 1987
Andrea Amiel C87 1987
Zeki Bayram W87 1987
Robert Bernstein W87 1987
Matthew Brown W87 G88 1987
Jenny Chiang C87 FA88 GFA91 1987 William Wang
Damon Chu WG87 1987
April Claytor C87 1987 Robert Claytor
Jan Duffalo C87 1987
Michael Freedman C87 W87 1987
Jeffrey Goldenberg C87 1987
Darrow (Rood) Goodspeed C87 1987
Karen (Key) Hamilton C87 1987
Laura Harrington W87 1987
Karen (Korn) Herron C87 1987
Tina Horowitz C87 CGS98 1987
Cheryl Kabalkin Greenstein 1987
Michael Knopf C87 1987 Lisa Litt
Lisa Litt C87 W87 1987 Michael Knopf
Michelle Litt W87 1987
Sara (Lomax) Lomax-Reese C87 1987
Deborah (Dubin) Marx C87 1987
Julie (Price) Passman C87 1987 David Passman, Justin Passman
Judith (Brous) Poss C87 1987
Alfredo Ramirez C84 L87 1987
Joan (McBarnette) Roberts W87 1987
James Rossi C87 1987
William Wang ENG87 1987 Jenny Chiang

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